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Why to check Germany

Germany has had a turbulent past: it was part of the World War 2, and then it was split into two countries. Here’s some background information to help you plan your next trip.

A Traveler’s Guide to Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany (official name) is the country. Germany covers over 135,000 square mile and is almost the same area as Montana. Berlin is home to more than 3.5million residents. Other notable cities include Hamburg which has 1.7 million residents and Munich with over 1.25 million, Cologne with just below one million, Frankfurt with 640,000, Dortmund with 592,000, Stuttgart with 580,000, Dusseldorf with approximately the same, Bremen with 540,000, Hanover with just above 500,000, and Hanover with around 500,000. Germany squeezes a lot in to a relatively small space.

Germany has some of everything from a geography perspective. The country’s north has a lot of land and shoreline. However, the center is rich in fertile areas. The country’s south, which shares some formations with Switzerland, is primarily mountainous. This diverse terrain means that the climate can vary greatly from one region to another. However, it is generally mild with significant amounts of rainfall.

Germans are German citizens who live in the Federal Republic of Germany. The total population has surpassed 82million according to the most recent census. The ethnic division is primarily German but there are also Danish minorities and Slavic communities in the south. The country still has an influx of migrants, with more that 7.3 million persons qualifying for such status.

Germans are divided into two major religious groups. There are approximately 26 millions of Roman Catholics and 26,000,000 Protestants. A little over 3.3 million consider themselves Muslim.

German is the national language. English is commonly spoken in some areas, as well as Russian and French. Education is compulsory for 10+ years. Literacy rates are over 99%. German men live to an average age of 74 while women have an average life expectancy at 6 years.

This overview shows you that Germany is home to a lot of great and bad history. It is an incredible destination for travelers, no matter whether you are there to witness history or visit the World Cup.